Champion Profiles

Jory Kirchhevel

Jory Kirchhevel is a teacher, coach, and the father of two young boys. He is a Champion because he has taken steps to improve his own health, and has influenced change among students, staff and parents at his school. Jory leads by example, encouraging others to be their best and make healthy changes.

Jory was a school administrator for eight years - a stressful job that was not helping him lead a healthy life. After realizing the negative consequences from this stressful job, sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy food choices, he decided to make some serious changes. “I was inspired by my boys,  ...   Continue reading >>

Jose Campos

Jose Campos is the Director of Parent Involvement and Community Outreach for Jurupa Unified School District. He is not only an administrator, but an advocate for all students and families in the district. He is a school champion who is passionate about addressing the needs of the whole child and helping students to thrive and live healthy lives.

Jose’s journey into creating a healthy school environment in Jurupa Valley began when he was the Principal at Troth Street Elementary School. He noticed a number of health problems within the student population. Not only were these affecting the children physically, but they were ... Continue reading >>

Carmen Casillas

Carmen is a great example of what an empowered community member looks like. At the Brookdale Senior Living Community in Jurupa Valley, she is a leader to her peers and encourages fellow residents to get involved.

In the past, Carmen was involved in her community as a teacher’s assistant at Jurupa Unified School District and catechist for her local church. She enjoys learning new things and taking on different hobbies such as painting classes, tai chi and Zumba. When the Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention team from Reach Out started a walking club, it was a natural fit for Carmen!  Continue reading >>

Christopher Lopez

Christopher Lopez is a custodian at Granite Hill Elementary in Jurupa Valley. Over the summer, he worked diligently to maintain the school garden that was revitalized during the previous school year.

Christopher gave extra time and attention caring for the garden. His interest in the garden stemmed from when he was a child, learning the essentials from his father. He knew the care required in sustaining cilantro, tomatoes and squash, which was exactly what Granite Hill needed during the hot summer months. When the school garden was vandalized, Christopher intervened quickly to rebuild the garden beds ... Continue reading >>

Connie DeSimone

For Connie DeSimone, living a healthy life has always been very important. As a resident of the Eastside neighborhood in Riverside, she has seen many active health programs in her community and decided to get involved. Her commitment to her health as well as inspiring others in the community to make healthy changes is what makes Connie a community champion!

Connie comes from a family influenced by many different cultures, and her connection to food is an important part of that. But some of those traditional family recipes are not always the healthiest choice. When she began seeing family members and friends face some pretty serious ... Continue reading >>

Griselda Martinez

Griselda is a single mom with a teenage son, Leo. Growing up in Mexico, her family was always eating fruits and vegetables – it was just part of their lifestyle naturally. There was always a bowl of fresh fruit on the table, and her mom would make fruit-flavored water to drink. When she moved to California, it seemed strange that not everyone practiced the same healthy eating habits that she had been raised to appreciate.

Determined to keep her family healthy, she is always careful about what she puts in her shopping cart and where they choose to eat out – limiting their sugar, salt and calorie intake, and sticking to reasonable portion sizes. Continue reading >>

Kellianne Hague-Shaw

Kellianne Hague-Shaw is a third grade teacher at May Ranch Elementary. Each day, she is faced with the challenge of educating young minds and shaping them into exceptional individuals. For Kellianne, this means going beyond the typical school subjects and ensuring that her students are educated in different areas that contribute to their overall wellbeing.

Sometimes going above and beyond proves to be a challenge, especially when resources are not easily available and funds are limited. “I wanted more resources for my kids to educate them on our health, so I reached out to the community and found the City of Perris.” A year ago, Kellianne ... Continue reading >>

Marco A. Robles

As the Public Affairs Director for Cardenas Markets, Marco has made it his goal to “maximize opportunities” to create change. During his years as a community leader as well as his time working with Cardenas Markets, Marco Robles has been advocating for healthy changes in his community. Marco has made healthy changes in his personal life, as well as encouraging others around him to make changes.

Marco has noticed a trend in the Latino community of a more sedentary lifestyle and an increase in fast food consumption. He also realized that health issues were becoming more common within his own family and his culture ... Continue reading >>

Mari Vizcarra

Mari is a “Champion Mom” who knows making changes can be really hard. Deciding to live a healthier lifestyle can be challenging at first, but she shares with other moms that they will feel rewarded for sticking with it, because every choice gets easier. It has become a lifestyle change -- eating out less and including her family in planning snacks and lunches with lots of color and texture. She loves serving creative, colorful and festive dinners because the smells and flavors from her kitchen entice the entire household to enjoy a variety of foods together.

Her journey began when she experienced a difficult and painful stomach condition. At first, she ... Continue reading >>

Megan Fri

Megan Fri is a middle school science teacher at Palm Springs Unified School District. For personal enjoyment, she began volunteering at the local community garden in Desert Hot Springs in her spare time. This inspired her to seek out more opportunities for student involvement in community projects. She is a Champion because she works hard to build her students’ exploratory skills, while emphasizing the power of healthy diet and an active lifestyle.

On weekends, Megan and a group of student volunteers began building garden boxes to contribute to the community garden. During their garden trips, they met ... Continue reading >>

Norma Fenner

Norma Fenner is the mother of two beautiful children- Savannah and Logan. She is passionate about living a healthy life and being a healthy role model to her children. Norma is a Champion because she promotes healthy habits in her own home and her children’s school district.

Norma knows that making simple healthy choices is important, so she strives to have fruits and vegetables available for her children each day for meals and snacks. She also believes physical fitness is an important part of health – which is why her family goes on walks, swims at the park and her children are involved in different sports. She ... Continue reading >>

Bishop Preston Norman, Jr.

As pastor of Praise Tabernacle Community Church for 18 years, Bishop Norman has been an advocate for the health of his congregation and his community, which is why he truly is a champion.

Pastor Norman has been instrumental in planning Praise Tabernacle’s annual health fair, which welcomes all residents in the Banning area and provides resources to all who attend. At each year’s event, a concentrated focus is placed on education about the foods and beverages that we consume every day, which can help build a healthy body.  Continue reading >>

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