Children’s Power Play

Become a Champion for Change in your elementary school or youth organization!

The California Department of Public Health’s Network for a Healthy California empowers low-income Californians to be “Champions for Change” to live healthier, active lives. With the Children’s Power PlayCampaign you can motivate 9- to 11-year-old children to eat more fruits and vegetables and be more physically active using fun, interesting and educational games and activities. As a leader, you can play an important role in improving the nutrition and physical activity habits of children. Healthy children miss fewer school days, are more alert, and are ready to learn. You can help kids make healthy choices with the following PowerPlay resources:

  • engaging and interactive 4th and 5th grade lessons that are linked to content standards
  • student workbooks with tear-out sheets to reduce photocopying
  • monthly educator newsletters about California’s delicious variety of fruits and vegetables
  • parent education materials, including brochures and newsletters
  • student reinforcement items, such as posters, stickers, cookbooks and more
  • training for teachers, youth leaders and other staff
  • guest presentations for classes, groups, special events or promotions
  • connections with community groups interested in children’s health, including potential guest speakers, field trip locations, funding sources, and other community partners
  • referrals to additional materials that help you rethink the way you influence kids’ food and physical activity choices

You can receive these materials at no cost. The Network for a Healthy California-Children’s Power Play! Campaign receives funds from the USDA Food Stamp Program to help improve the health of low-income children through nutrition and physical activity. With this funding, we’re able to provide you with resources at no out-of-pocket cost. All we require is a commitment to use the materials in your school and the return of a one-page participation and feedback form from each teacher to help us demonstrate our impact to the USDA. You can start making a difference now. Call or e-mail your PowerPlay coordinator to determine whether your school qualifies for free resources and how you can get involved. Or, simply fill-out this registration form and return it for more information.

Be a Champion for Change for your students today!

For additional information, please call (951) 358-5311 or e-mail

More about Our School Idea & Resource Kit
The 4th and 5th grade kits each feature 10 fruit and vegetable and physical activity lessons, while the after school & youth organization kit offers 20 different activities. The kits build from simple introductory activities to more advanced activities that involve kids in setting goals, spreading the word about healthy eating and physical activity, and advocating for healthy changes in their environments. Activities support the National Health Education Standards and link to the California Content Standards in Mathematics and English/Language Arts.

More about Harvest of the Month
The Network for a Healthy California’s Harvest of the Month tool kit provides detailed information on a different seasonal fruit or vegetable each month, along with activity ideas. It includes PDF’s of educator newsletters, recipes, family newsletters, and menu slicks.

More about the Network for a Healthy California The Network for a Healthy California addresses key health issues that impact Californians: increasing fruit and vegetable consumption, physical activity, and food security, and decreasing rates of chronic disease. For more information about the Network, please visit:  
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