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Be a Healthy Retail Shopper

Try these fruit and vegetable recipes:
Discover the Secret (PDF) / Spanish
Latino Recipes With Love (PDF, 2.45MB)
Chinese Cookbook (PDF, 8MB)
Everyday Healthy Meals (PDF, 2.75MB) (recipes)

Retail Program for Retailers and Vendors

Connect with your community.  Increase your profit potential.

Connect with Your Community

The Retail Program brings retailers, vendors, and community leaders together, which allows for a greater connection to your neighborhood and your customers. Local Retail Specialists help build community-based partnerships and provides assistance with store-based materials and activities. Your involvement your commitment to improving the health of your neighborhood.

Increase Your Profit Potential

Research indicates that the Network for a Healthy California has a positive effect on produce consumption.

For More Information

Contact Network for a Healthy California_County of Riverside or download the Retail Program Promotional Activities Brochure.
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